Ruffled Feathers 2019

Ruffled Feathers 2019 was a huge success. We sold out both our shows and had to squeeze a few extras in. A few issues with the technology/ lighting but we resolved those in time for the first performance. The venue suited us from a performance perspective though lighting was tricky. This picture of Nina as ‘Homeless’ gives you an idea of the venue which used to be a workshop, with the white-washed brick walls and concrete floor.

The weather didn’t help with puddles forming as people dashed across the garden in the monsoon-like rain!

Valentina Rosati
Valentina Rosati

All the actors were great! We were helped of course by the direction of Valentina. She is a post-graduate student at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Her experience, enthusiasm and energy helped bring the production up a level, and we owe her a huge thank you!

As you might guess, Valentina is from Italy and we enjoyed her use of both English and Italian. She is undertaking an MA in Applied Theatre and we wish her well with her studies.

The cast for this performance was a mix of those who had performed Ruffled Feathers before and those new to it. All worked well together to create a harmonious whole which bodes well for our next projects. Feedback from the audiences was overwhelmingly positive, and we all had a good time putting the performance together and delivering it. It was great to see ‘old friends’ in the audience and we hope we have made some new ones too.

A big thank you to those who came to help with Front of House, and we look forward to using your services again 🙂 Thank you also to all our friends and families who support us in our work as the Encore Theatre Company.

A successful run concludes.

We had a really good run of performances at the Theatre Peckham. Thank you to everyone who came to see us. Thanks also to everyone who supported us as we created the play, managed the production and delivered the performances. Special thanks to the students from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama: Javier Mora, Ben Gunn and Becky Turner – we couldn’t have done it without you.

We hope you like the images from the performances, backstage, before and after the shows. These are taken by Javier Mora and Becky Turner.

We are already planning the next show(s) and will keep you posted!

Nearly there … and Goodbye!

Nearly ready for our performances 30th/ 31st May. Just need to practice, practice practice! Last few decisions being made on the technical side and then the production team can swing into action. For those who haven’t see our earlier posts …
 In January 2017, a pair of swans arrived in Brockwell Park, London. By May, they had taken up residence on a very small island, booted out the geese, constructed a large untidy nest, and laid eggs. Or at least, we assumed there were eggs as the female sat on the nest, apparently never leaving it, for many weeks while the male patrolled the water, fending off all potential enemies. Mini crowds gathered every day, comparing notes and eagerly anticipating the arrival of the cygnets. The most unlikely people talked to each other and bonded over the impending “birth”. This was the first swan family to appear in Brockwell Park for 30 years! More than a year later, the swans are still connecting people of every possible background. You cannot visit the park without talking about the latest developments.
We devised a performance around the swan story but with universal themes of, for example, birth and death, migration, arrival, family life, rejection, growing up, gaining independence, love, caring … which we hope will intrigue and entertain, and maybe make you laugh and cry!
Tickets are £10 and booking is open at 
Sadly we also had to say goodbye (for now) to Ben who is off to South Africa … and we wish him well with his projects.

Venue and dates

Things are getting exciting now. We have dates and a venue for our Swan Project performances. We will be performing in the Theatre Peckham, London, on the 30th and the 31st May. We will be doing an evening performance on the 30th, and an afternoon and an evening performance on the 31st.

The script is nearly complete, and rehearsals have been going well. All we need now is a title! Once all the details have been finalised tickets will go on sale via Eventbrite.

It is going to be good to be using the facilities of a local theatre for these performances, and we are all looking forward to it. See you there!

December Performance

So two public performances, our first as the Encore Theatre Company, have been and gone. Thank you for those who came to see us and for all of the wonderful feedback we have received. Performing in a space designed for learning and teaching is not so easy but we managed to get everything to look the way we wanted and the show went very well. You will see a microphone in some of the shots. This wasn’t to boost our sound but was for collecting the sound for a documentary being made about the project.

We have learned a lot about ourselves as a performing company, all of which will feed into our next one – The Swans. We also enjoyed the support of our wonderful intern Emily from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama who stayed with us right through even though her placement was technically over. We will miss her, and wish her well with the rest of her course – we’ll stay in touch and hope she will be back visiting or working with us soon.

As part of the performance we had some audience participation leading to a prize draw. The lucky recipient of the Theatre Tokens was John McCallum.

Dance of the Caring Persons: Part 2

On the 26th August we took part in the Dance of the Caring Persons at Bethlem Gallery. Xavier White, resident artist at London South Bank University, School of Health & Social Care wrote the piece to demonstrate how senses can be lost and found with courage, communication, compassion, commitment, competency and care given by the nursing staff of the NHS. He needed our help with choreography and timing. Our performers did a great job interpreting Xavier’s script. So thanks to Angie (for taking the lead on this project) Donald, Pam and guest performers Fiona and Nora.


Dance of the Caring Persons: Part 1

It is very exciting to be working with Xavier White, the artist in residence at LSBU, to create a dance performance called ‘The Dance of the Caring Persons’ to be performed on August 26th at the Bethlem Gallery. Angie is choreographing the piece for us with Xavier about his experience of the loss and regaining of his senses and capacities, following an awful accident and head injury as a teenager. The Bethlem have invited him to perform this as part of a larger celebration of their work.
More to follow!

The Bethlem Gallery

South Facing Patio

Last autumn we were approached by the Central School of Speech and Drama to work with four of their final year students in community theatre in the creation and performance of a piece entitled ‘taboo’! Five of us took the plunge into what was a very exciting and challenging experience. In developing the piece we explored taboo subjects with the students and surprised each other with what we brought to the table and how openly we were all able to share and work together. It was both freeing and incredibly enjoyable to work with such talented young minds.