Two-headed fortune teller

This week Ben led us in an improvisation workshop. We were put through all kinds of exercises which were both instructive and incredibly funny! Everyone enjoyed the improvisations even when they hadn’t quite got the instructions right!

Improvisation is definitely a strength of the company who respond so well to each other’s cues. Towards the end we saw the two-headed fortune teller. In this exercise Donald and Pam had to answer questions but could only speak one word at a time alternating … see for yourself how this turned out in our short video clip.

Having a laugh

This workshop this week, led by Ben Gunn from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, was based around voice and vocalisation. The talented Ben made good use of the piano to lead us through a range of exercises including this clip of the ‘laughing exercise’.

We ended with a devised work vocalising a random piece of text. It was great to hear geology and the Royal Mint delivered in such unique ways.

We are looking forward to the next workshop.

3rd Summer Workshop

Another hugely successful workshop. Many thanks to Holly McKinlay (Playwright and Drama Coach) for facilitating a really interesting session on ‘units of action’. Stanislavski believed that each scene in a play could be divided into units of action. In each unit of action, each character has a sub-objective and its actions help them to achieve this goal. Units of action help to give an overview of how tension is used in the script. Every unit of action contains a certain topic of conversation, movement, etc. Units of action usually end when the conversation changes topic, mood or movement, or are indicated by entrances, exits of characters. Holly helped us find passages to practice with, and in pairs we worked on small dialogues to see how the characters actions and reactions were dependent on each other.

2nd Summer Workshop

Donald led the workshop. It was based on the idea of duologues – which is two people doing short scenes together. He provided the material. People chose a script and a partner and worked on it before doing a performance. The pictures in the gallery are the ‘pairs’ doing their performances, as well as some general ones. I watched all the performances and they were really good! Some of them might be incorporated into our December production called Objets D’Arts.

Nina and Viv are on a bus. Nina is trying to read the paper but Viv keeps interrupting. Yvonne and Wendy were on a train. Angie and Donald were in a café in Cornwall and she was probing for information about infidelity and oysters, Genia and Pam were in a café arguing over who should pay, Sandra and Jenni were sitting in front of a mirror in a salon gossiping as women do!, Nora was an Eastern European immigrant cutting Richard’s hair – her previous job had been working in a slaughter house!