Difficult decisions scenario


We were asked to develop some scenarios which we then acted for a group of students studying to be health & social care managers, around the topic of managing difficult situations. The aim was for the students to then take part in discussions and improvisations to inform better ways to handle these situations as managers. We also hoped to build the students’ confidence through encouraging them to take part as managers in the scenarios to show how a manager should respond in a range of difficult situations.

Performers: Angie McIntosh, Emily Wiggett, Cathy Jeffrey, Yvonne Levy, Viv Peyton


In 2018 we repeated the workshops for a new group of students. We had an opportunity to refine the scenarios we had already and also to add some new ones based on the feedback from last year.

Performers: Cathy Jeffrey, Yvonne Levy, Laura Barrit, Angie McIntosh, Viv Peyton

Testimonials: “Very educative”