Starting the Objets D’Art Project


Today we launched the Objets D’Art performance project. We had a quick (and unplanned/ unrehearsed) demonstration which surprised Richard, Yvonne, Viv and Sandra to whom, many thanks. We have now got the format pretty much decided, so now it is down to the performers to decide on what they would like to perform in the way of a duologue (text, dance or song) and the iconic object to associate with it. Once we have a clearer idea about the duologues we can start to create the partnerships that will ‘daisy-chain’ it all together.

We have also decided that we will adopt the black t-shirt with embroidered logo seen here, both for the performance and for when we are doing rehearsals or work for the People’s Academy – a sort of walking advertisement! So look our for us walking around London South Bank University, or on our way there and back.