2nd Summer Workshop


Donald led the workshop. It was based on the idea of duologues – which is two people doing short scenes together. He provided the material. People chose a script and a partner and worked on it before doing a performance. The pictures in the gallery are the ‘pairs’ doing their performances, as well as some general ones. I watched all the performances and they were really good! Some of them might be incorporated into our December production called Objets D’Arts.

Nina and Viv are on a bus. Nina is trying to read the paper but Viv keeps interrupting. Yvonne and Wendy were on a train. Angie and Donald were in a café in Cornwall and she was probing for information about infidelity and oysters, Genia and Pam were in a café arguing over who should pay, Sandra and Jenni were sitting in front of a mirror in a salon gossiping as women do!, Nora was an Eastern European immigrant cutting Richard’s hair – her previous job had been working in a slaughter house!