Nearly there … and Goodbye!


Nearly ready for our performances 30th/ 31st May. Just need to practice, practice practice! Last few decisions being made on the technical side and then the production team can swing into action. For those who haven’t see our earlier posts …
 In January 2017, a pair of swans arrived in Brockwell Park, London. By May, they had taken up residence on a very small island, booted out the geese, constructed a large untidy nest, and laid eggs. Or at least, we assumed there were eggs as the female sat on the nest, apparently never leaving it, for many weeks while the male patrolled the water, fending off all potential enemies. Mini crowds gathered every day, comparing notes and eagerly anticipating the arrival of the cygnets. The most unlikely people talked to each other and bonded over the impending “birth”. This was the first swan family to appear in Brockwell Park for 30 years! More than a year later, the swans are still connecting people of every possible background. You cannot visit the park without talking about the latest developments.
We devised a performance around the swan story but with universal themes of, for example, birth and death, migration, arrival, family life, rejection, growing up, gaining independence, love, caring … which we hope will intrigue and entertain, and maybe make you laugh and cry!
Tickets are £10 and booking is open at 
Sadly we also had to say goodbye (for now) to Ben who is off to South Africa … and we wish him well with his projects.