Scrooge & A Christmas Carol, dated? Poverty, ignorance, exploitation – relevant? More than ever!

A timely piece expressly for any age and thus a group of performers with life contributions that mount in numbered years equalling centuries, perform online this relevant saga for all time. (Richard Russell)

Dickens’ original novel was an important part of my childhood and youth. The setting gave it a particular resonance because Christmas was an  especially warm and exciting time in our family with aunts and uncles gathered to celebrate my father’s birthday on Christmas Eve. I could identify with the Cratchit family while feeling deeply sad for their impoverished circumstances. The transformation of Scrooge,  whose initial meanness was so repellent, was finally satisfying – don’t we all love a happy ending with the triumph of goodness.  (Sandra Melville)

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Cast List

Ǝncore Theatre Company: Judith Bevan, Anna Brown, Jeanie Deane, Donald Elliott, Ann El Mahjoub, Cathy Jeffrey, Sean Kibbey, Yvonne Levy, Angie McIntosh, Sandra Melville, Viv Peyton, Richard Russell, Richard Worland.

Supported by the following young people: Alice, Ellis, Erin, Hector, Kaymen and Kira.

Produced and Directed by: Nikki Fisher* and Charlotte Healy* of the Ǝncore Theatre Company

*Nikki and Charlotte graduated with 1st Class Honours from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in 2021.