The Context

 At the beginning of 2022, some Covid restrictions were still in place.  We had successfully produced video versions of Under Milkwood and A Christmas Carol and decided to launch into audio.  Having chosen Alice in Wonderland, we rose to the challenge of re-writing the book as a radio script. We cast all the characters and introduced a narrator.  Rehearsals were held on Zoom and recording was done over a period of a couple of weeks in the home of one of our members. Creating the voices of all the bizarre creatures was enormous fun.  The hardest job was in the editing and we are indebted to Keiron Spires for achieving a seamless piece of radio theatre which we hope you will enjoy. (Yvonne & Viv, Co-Chairs of The Ǝncore Theatre Company)


The performance was recorded over a number of days in the house of one of the cast. Not all cast members were available on the day their scene was recorded and so they were recorded separately and their part edited in. We used a ‘Yeti’ studio microphone into a laptop, but this was then recorded remotely via Zoom. The remote recording did lead to a few parts where sound levels were dropped despite re-recording scenes, but overall we feel the quality we achieved was very good.

Cast (in order of appearance):

Introduction & creditsAnn El Majhoub
NarratorViv Peyton
AliceYvonne Levy
White RabbitKevin Katner
MouseCathy Jeffrey
DodoDonald Elliot
LoryNina Ezra
Pat (the gardener)Sean Kibbey
BillCathy Jeffrey
SamDonald Elliott
CaterpillarRichard Russell
PigeonJudith Bevan
Fish FootmanCathy Jeffrey
Frog FootmanKevin Katner
DuchessSandra Melville
CookSean Kibbey
Cheshire CatAnna Brown
March HareSean Kibbey
Mad HatterRichard Worland
DormouseNina Ezra
TwoNina Ezra
FiveJeanie Deane
SevenRichard Russell
QueenJeanie Deane
KingDonald Elliott
GryphonRichard Russell
Mock TurtleRichard Worland
KnaveSean Kibbey


Director: Nishunzi Gao (Royal Central School of Speech & Drama)  

Editor & Producer: Keiron Spires (The Ǝncore Theatre Company)