This project grew out of our desire to fulfil some of the company’s community objectives and our own understanding of how some older people are no longer able to enjoy a visit to the theatre. We devised Allsorts so that it could be delivered ‘in situ’ in care homes and so that it could be easily tailored to the needs of the smaller audiences we would have in these locations.

We were privileged to be able to perform both in The Charterhouse care home in the City of London, and in the Margaret Thatcher Infirmary at The Royal Hospital, Chelsea.

Performers: Richard Russell, Jeanie Deane, Cathy Jeffrey, Anna Brown, Angie McIntosh, Judith Bevan, Sandra Melville, Sean Kibbey, Viv Peyton, Yvonne Levy, Richard Worland, Donald Elliott, Ann El Mahjoub