Bursting out


This week we were given a relatively small meeting room to rehearse in … but we were not to be restricted in this way 🙂 Soon there were duologues all over the 4th floor of the K2 building at LSBU. As you can see in the images, we used the landings, the corridors, other meeting rooms as well as our original room. The balcony seen from Private Lives was done on a balcony! Is LSBU ready for this! Luckily most of us were in our T-Shirts which gave astonished onlookers a clue as to why people are performing excerpts from plays all over the place.

The duologues are coming on well. We have added another one to the start of the show, which is now running at about 60 minutes give or take. We are looking at the characterisations and getting the lines right, before we go back and review the staging and the changeover from one duologue to the next. We are busy now sorting out staging and props, rooms and resources for our two live performances in December.

Our thanks to LSBU for the support they give us and for making us welcome … and for allowing us to burst out occasionally.