Daisy-chaining duologues


The rehearsal this week was all about getting an idea of how the duologues would ‘daisy chain’ together. It was great fun to hear everyone’s choices – such a range of genres, styles and accents! We managed everyone’s first choice and many second choices as well, so we have a good idea of what will go into the final script. Everyone was within the time limit and we are doing well with prop selections. Just got to get that script written – over to Keiron!

Lots of photographs this week, including Nirmala and Sara filming some of our work as part of a documentary on this project. No being camera shy with us! Though Keiron managed to keep out of the way as usual! We were not very tidy this week – we’ll try and get better shots next week when we have a clearer room to work in.

Sadly we were missing Richard – get well soon …. but we have gained Emily – welcome to the Encore Theatre Company. Emily is a student from RCSSD on placement with us.

We are also progressing with a number of projects for the People’s Academy at London South Bank University, and we’ll write these up on the Projects page. These are keeping us busy – all in planning and preparation just now but several due to be delivered in the next few weeks.