December Performance


So two public performances, our first as the Encore Theatre Company, have been and gone. Thank you for those who came to see us and for all of the wonderful feedback we have received. Performing in a space designed for learning and teaching is not so easy but we managed to get everything to look the way we wanted and the show went very well. You will see a microphone in some of the shots. This wasn’t to boost our sound but was for collecting the sound for a documentary being made about the project.

We have learned a lot about ourselves as a performing company, all of which will feed into our next one – The Swans. We also enjoyed the support of our wonderful intern Emily from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama who stayed with us right through even though her placement was technically over. We will miss her, and wish her well with the rest of her course – we’ll stay in touch and hope she will be back visiting or working with us soon.

As part of the performance we had some audience participation leading to a prize draw. The lucky recipient of the Theatre Tokens was John McCallum.