Objets d’Art was a collectively and collaboratively produced performance project, allowing the members of the company to demonstrate their full range of ideas and talents. The project focused on the idea of duologue, in text, music and dance, and objects that could represent the duologue in an iconic way. It was performed on the 11th December as part of the Lived Experience Network Conference at London South Bank University, and then as a public performance on the 12th December.


  • Private Lives: An Intimate Comedy: An excerpt from Coward, N. (1930) Private Lives: An Intimate Comedy. Samuel French.
  • Waiting for Godot Act 1: An excerpt from Becket, S. (1954) Waiting for Godot,  a tragicomedy in two acts. Grove Press
  • Mother Courage: Adapted from Brecht, B., Hare, D., & National Theatre (Great Britain). (1995). Mother Courage and her children. London: Methuen Drama.
  • The Singing Detective: Adapted from Potter, D. (1986) The Singing Detective. Faber & Faber; Main edition
  • Plaza Suite Act 1: An excerpt from Simon, N. (1969) Plaza Suite: A Comedy in Three Acts. Samuel French, Inc
  • Kafka’s Dick: An excerpt from Bennett, A. (1986) Kafka’s Dick: A Comedy, Act I Scene 1.
  • Thelma & Louise: Adapted from, C. (1990) Thelma and Louise, Final shooting script.
  • Party Time: An excerpt from Pinter, H. (2013) Party Time [In] Harold Pinter: Plays 4. Faber Contemporary Classics
  • As You Like It Act 1 Scene 3: An excerpt from Shakespeare, W. & Dusinberre, J. (2006). As you like it. London: Arden Shakespeare.
  • La Cantatrice Chauve (The bald soprano): An excerpt from Ionesco, E., Howe, T., & Ionesco, E. (2006). The bald soprano: And, the lesson. New York: Grove Press.
  • A Couple of Swells: Words and Music by Irving Berlin 1888-1989. Sung by Judy Garland and Fred Astaire in the MGM picture “Easter Parade”
  • As You Like it Act 3 Scene 5: An excerpt from Shakespeare, W. & Dusinberre, J. (2006). As you like it. London: Arden Shakespeare.
  • Warning: Joseph, J. (1992) Warning [In] Selected Poems. Bloodaxe


Cast: In order of appearance: Yvonne Levy, Richard Russell, Donald Elliott, Cathy Jeffrey, Jacqui Rozdoba, Wendy Fisher, Pam Percy, Val Spargo, Jeanie Dean, Viv Peyton, Sandra Melville, Angie McIntosh, Nora Aveston, Nina Ezra.

Stage Manger: Emily Wiggett

Producer and Directer: Keiron Spires Ǝncore Theatre Company


  • “Absolutely loved it. Many of my favourite plays represented. Just wonderful. Thank you!”
  • “Excellent duologues! Very interesting and entertaining.”
  • “I liked the short time of each performance – like the variety of topics – the more variety the better. Great performances by all! Good idea to involve those watching – good approach. Good link of the objects to the duologues.”
  • “Fabulous, brilliantly acted and very thought provoking – Thank you.”
  • “Awesome performance, well done!”
  • “Convincing performances – very enjoyable. Well staged and cleverly produced.”
  • “Loved the end finale with the purple scarves and purple clothing, nice finishing touch!!”
  • “A lovely hour spent with good company. The hours of hard work have paid off. Thank you.”