We were asked to help the Occupational Therapy team with some simulation practical sessions where the students could assess older people and take histories, for a range of health and social care scenarios. They had previously ran these sessions with acting students but felt that using older actors would aid the simulation.

Performers (2017-2020): Jeanie Deane, Mario El Mahjoub, Richard Russell, Sandra Melville, Sean Kibbey, Donald Elliott

Testimonials: “It helped to consolidate learning as it helped me to put theory into practice within a safe environment”; “It was very valuable for us. The acting was very good and convincing.”; “Simulated learning is super helpful, much more than a written task.”; “Good balance of spontaneity/unpredictability to challenge us but matched with not so challenging that it was not possible for us to make progress + try things in sessions” “Real life acting, presented well like someone who has a cognitive impairment.”; “Really convincing actors I immediately forgot that it wasn’t a real scenario”.