Tickets on sale for Ruffled Feathers


We have now confirmed the venue for our next performance – Ruffled Feathers – as Theatre Peckham. We will be performing on the 30th May at 1930, and the 31st May at 14:30 and 1930. Tickets (£10) are on sale through Eventbrite at See you there!

Venue and dates


Swan Logo

Things are getting exciting now. We have dates and a venue for our Swan Project performances. We will be performing in the Theatre Peckham, London, on the 30th and the 31st May. We will be doing an evening performance on the 30th, and an afternoon and an evening performance on the 31st. The script is nearly complete, and rehearsals have … Read More

Workshop with Michal Paker


This week we were lucky to have a guest Director – Michel Paker. Michal completed an MA in Applied Theatre at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama during which she worked with children and teenagers to improve confidence using drama. Before her MA, Michal had trained in physical theatre and had spent a year in Japan teaching English … Read More

New year, new project


The start of 2018 has brought the start of a new project. We are going to continue with our theme of devised projects. This time we are looking for inspiration from the swans at Brockwell Park. We are very excited to have two students from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama acting as the Artistic Directors for this … Read More

December Performance


So two public performances, our first as the Encore Theatre Company, have been and gone. Thank you for those who came to see us and for all of the wonderful feedback we have received. Performing in a space designed for learning and teaching is not so easy but we managed to get everything to look the way we wanted and … Read More

Christmas Photograph


Following our rehearsals today with gathered together to take a photograph for our Christmas card. A bit early for Christmas hats and tinsel – but worth it! You can see we are also showing off our new pull-up stands and theatre blacks which we will be using for the staging of Objets d’Art in December. Ok – time to get … Read More

Audience Participation


This week we had a run through in front of a small audience to test out our plans for audience participation, which seemed to go very well. As you can see from the pictures we are now ‘off script’ except for those who were reading in for absent colleagues. The set is still in a ‘mock up’ stage but next … Read More

Bursting out


This week we were given a relatively small meeting room to rehearse in … but we were not to be restricted in this way 🙂 Soon there were duologues all over the 4th floor of the K2 building at LSBU. As you can see in the images, we used the landings, the corridors, other meeting rooms as well as our … Read More

Take a bow the Encore Theatre Company


So, first sight of a complete script and an opportunity to run through it in reasonably close to real time. A good rehearsal. Clearly some tweaks needed here and there, and a lot for us to learn both in terms of the text and also the characters. The switch from one genre to another should be interesting for the audience … Read More

Daisy-chaining duologues


The rehearsal this week was all about getting an idea of how the duologues would ‘daisy chain’ together. It was great fun to hear everyone’s choices – such a range of genres, styles and accents! We managed everyone’s first choice and many second choices as well, so we have a good idea of what will go into the final script. … Read More