Starting the Objets D’Art Project


Today we launched the Objets D’Art performance project. We had a quick (and unplanned/ unrehearsed) demonstration which surprised Richard, Yvonne, Viv and Sandra to whom, many thanks. We have now got the format pretty much decided, so now it is down to the performers to decide on what they would like to perform in the way of a duologue (text, … Read More

Dance of the Caring Persons: Part 2


On the 26th August we took part in the Dance of the Caring Persons at Bethlem Gallery. Xavier White, resident artist at London South Bank University, School of Health & Social Care wrote the piece to demonstrate how senses can be lost and found with courage, communication, compassion, commitment, competency and care given by the nursing staff of the NHS. He … Read More

3rd Summer Workshop


Another hugely successful workshop. Many thanks to Holly McKinlay (Playwright and Drama Coach) for facilitating a really interesting session on ‘units of action’. Stanislavski believed that each scene in a play could be divided into units of action. In each unit of action, each character has a sub-objective and its actions help them to achieve this goal. Units of action … Read More

2nd Summer Workshop


Donald led the workshop. It was based on the idea of duologues – which is two people doing short scenes together. He provided the material. People chose a script and a partner and worked on it before doing a performance. The pictures in the gallery are the ‘pairs’ doing their performances, as well as some general ones. I watched all … Read More

1st Summer Workshop


Wednesday’s workshop was pretty good looking at the pictures. Yvonne led the company in some improvisation. If Donald has that expression drinking from an empty glass, who knows what we would have got with a shot of something in it!

Dance of the Caring Persons: Part 1


It is very exciting to be working with Xavier White, the artist in residence at LSBU, to create a dance performance called ‘The Dance of the Caring Persons’ to be performed on August 26th at the Bethlem Gallery. Angie is choreographing the piece for us with Xavier about his experience of the loss and regaining of his senses and capacities, … Read More

South Facing Patio


Last autumn we were approached by the Central School of Speech and Drama to work with four of their final year students in community theatre in the creation and performance of a piece entitled ‘taboo’! Five of us took the plunge into what was a very exciting and challenging experience. In developing the piece we explored taboo subjects with the … Read More