This project was initially about the creation and enactment of an experimental participative training performance for student renal nurses with a view to stimulating awareness of, and reflection on, the experience and feelings of dialysis patients and nurses. Although rehearsed at London South Bank University, the performance took place at The Royal London Hospital which is where the students were based, in November 2017.

In 2018 we were asked to repeat this exercise but with a different emphasis … a one hour Workshop, involving specially written drama scenes and a participative role reversal workshop about building profiles of assigned patients (part of the student assessment). This was to help improve Patient Profiles for presentation by Students in ‘viva’ sessions.

In 2020 we developed this project to suit the cohort going through the course and their requirements. It became a one hour workshop, involving specially written drama scenes and a participative role-reversal component focusing on patient case studies chosen for the students’ oral viva.

Performers (2017-2020): Pam Percy, Donald Elliott, Emily Wiggett, Jacqui Rozdoba, Yvonne Levy, Angie McIntosh, Richard Russell, Anna Brown, Ann El Mahjoub, Sandra Melville