Ruffled Feathers 2019



Ruffled Feathers 2019 was a huge success. We sold out both our shows and had to squeeze a few extras in. A few issues with the technology/ lighting but we resolved those in time for the first performance. The venue suited us from a performance perspective though lighting was tricky. This picture of Nina as ‘Homeless’ gives you an idea of the venue which used to be a workshop, with the white-washed brick walls and concrete floor.

The weather didn’t help with puddles forming as people dashed across the garden in the monsoon-like rain!

Valentina Rosati

Valentina Rosati

All the actors were great! We were helped of course by the direction of Valentina. She is a post-graduate student at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Her experience, enthusiasm and energy helped bring the production up a level, and we owe her a huge thank you!

As you might guess, Valentina is from Italy and we enjoyed her use of both English and Italian. She is undertaking an MA in Applied Theatre and we wish her well with her studies.

The cast for this performance was a mix of those who had performed Ruffled Feathers before and those new to it. All worked well together to create a harmonious whole which bodes well for our next projects. Feedback from the audiences was overwhelmingly positive, and we all had a good time putting the performance together and delivering it. It was great to see ‘old friends’ in the audience and we hope we have made some new ones too.

A big thank you to those who came to help with Front of House, and we look forward to using your services again 🙂 Thank you also to all our friends and families who support us in our work as the Encore Theatre Company.