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About Us

The Ǝncore Theatre Company is an inclusive and innovative over 60’s theatre company currently based at London South Bank University. The Company creates and performs original work, showcasing the diverse talents of the company members and challenging the stereotypes of ageing. We also work with other partners on community and intergenerational projects and are a resident company within the Institute of Health and Social Care, using drama techniques to enhance student learning in a variety of ways. The flipped ‘E’ in Ǝncore demonstrates our reflection and building on past experiences. The rest of the word is forward facing, because as we draw on the past, we move forward with our lives and our performance projects. The word encore can be used in a variety of ways, but the core meaning is being asked to perform again … and we hope that having been part of one of our performance projects you will want more!


Many of the current members have extensive experience of performing in theatre and dance groups, and the core group of members were for many years, part of over 60s companies, taking performances to the Edinburgh festival and around the UK, as well as to Berlin and Venice.

The Company

In 2017 the Ǝncore Theatre Company was created as a Community Interest Company, as the next step to becoming fully independent and self-sustaining. Our mission is:

"to provide benefit to older people, including those whose health and wellbeing are at risk by reason of disability and/or social isolation, through the exemplary quality and range of its public performances and distance electronic media, and thereby challenge, and raise, society’s expectations of the capabilities and the potential quality of life of older people."

We are currently the Company in Residence within the Institute of Health & Social Care, London South Bank University. This allows us to continue with our performance activities (two projects a year) alongside working with staff and students within the Institute and gives us access to facilities for rehearsals. We like to work collaboratively and would welcome contact from other groups.

As well as the performing members that we need as a theatre group, we also need help with all of the ‘behind the scenes’ activities that make a performance successful. We currently rehearse at London South Bank University every Wednesday afternoon 12:00-14:00, and add in other dates as and when needed. if you are interested in meeting or joining us, please get in touch using our Contact form.