Whenever we can we try and have workshops with new directors or others who can help to stretch our existing skills and develop new ones. These are usually in the summer in between our performance projects, but are sometimes specifically to help us launch a new project.

Summer 2022

Peter Thompson Alice in Wonderland Voice and Status

Summer 2021

Nikki led us in a workshop thinking about the way in which we develop characters. We wanted to both develop characters and then bring those characters to life in our project “At the Stroke of a Pen”.

Mike Alfreds Laban Efforts

Kevin Improvisation

Peter Thompson Working for Radio

Summer 2020

In June we had a workshop led by Valentina Rosati looking at The Absurd Theatre and what that means. As you can see it was a virtual workshop as we were still in lockdown, and that did present a few challenges, but overall it was a great experience and an opportunity to try new things – including Zoom!
In June we also had a workshop led by Laura Barritt on Improvisation, including some great warm-up exercises which were Zoomable!

Summer 2018

We had a workshop led by Ben Gunn from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, was based around voice and vocalisation. The talented Ben made good use of the piano to lead us through a range of exercises including this clip of the ‘laughing exercise’.
This week Ben led us in an improvisation workshop. We were put through all kinds of exercises which were both instructive and incredibly funny! Improvisation is definitely a strength of the company who respond so well to each other’s cues. Towards the end we saw the two-headed fortune teller. In this exercise Donald and Pam had to answer questions but could only speak one word at a time alternating.