From The Ǝncore Theatre Company


Performance is about creating characters and telling stories. To do this, our over 60s Theatre Company is able to draw on a wealth of real life experience. It is a huge pleasure, often also hilarious fun, to work together with trusted fellow Company members in that process of creation.

Performance also implies an audience, whether it’s a group in a conventional theatre auditorium or a single individual or family, as part of a street festival, or simply someone unable to leave their hospital bed or care home. In these settings, we have been able to bring the theatre experience to people unable, or too diffident, to access more conventional venues for performance and at the same time to demonstrate that the challenge and excitement of public performance are still available to us despite the fact that we have reached an age when conventionally we might be expected to retire quietly from public life.

There’s no denying that being able to provoke tears or laughter or create a mood of reflection through performance is immensely powerful. It’s a reminder to ourselves, as well as our audiences, that there are great rewards available still in ‘later’ life.

The majority of our productions are devised, which is an exciting process but sometimes challenging and even painful in the early days of rehearsal. They are always interesting and demand a level of attention and focus that keeps us all on our toes creatively. Working with different directors is exciting and teaches us new skills as actors. As we near the final production date and hone our performances, there is a level of camaraderie and admiration of each others skills that both bonds us as a company and from the feedback we get, creates a good and enjoyable performance for our audiences.

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