Student Placements

From The Ǝncore Theatre Company

We have a long history of supporting students in both undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (RCSSD). Undergraduate students have joined us for placements in their final year. Postgraduate students have helped us in producing and directing performances, and in delivering workshops.

Undergraduate Students

Emily: Emily undertook a placement with us in the Autumn of 2017.

Laura: Laura undertook a placement with us in the Autumn of 2018. She helped us set up our evaluation protocols for the work we do at London South Bank University, and helped with our film projects. Laura sent us this testimonial:

I will never forgot my third year Winter Term at Central. Starting my final year with a placement with Encore Theatre Company was a perfect way to draw the degree to a close. In around 2 months I gained an insight into so many different areas of performance and was lucky enough to have a wide variety of experiences to reflect on. Encore truly opened my eyes up to an array of different opportunities there are to get involved in. From the very first time I met the company I was welcomed with warm spirits and I knew from the start there was a real ethos of togetherness and community. I think this essence of collaboration is what makes Encore so successful, working together to not only support fellow members of the company, but equally students in their studies, staff in their training and people like me in their placements! Some of the exciting opportunities I had with Encore included: a Haemodialysis Nurses Drama workshop; a Managing Difficult Situations seminar; a Mental Health Role Play project; Mock Interviews; a Nursing and Pharmacy Students project; an Occupational Therapy Students project and even a go at editing a film! Not to mention work on their revisit to their fantastic show Ruffled Feathers and the chance to compere their performance in the Harlesden Variety Show! Wow! I am not only grateful for all these experiences, but proud to say that I have worked with Encore Theatre Company. Every member of Encore is a unique individual, with a kind and caring heart. I am so lucky to have learnt so many different skills and techniques from each and every one of you and look forward to seeing the great work continued to be produced by the company. So, all that’s left to say is thank you Encore. Thank you for being a perfect placement to end my degree, thank you for providing me with so many enlightening experiences and thank you for being YOU! Wishing you all the best for the future and I will forever spread the word…

Susie: Susie undertook a placement with us in the Autumn of 2019 and helped both with our production of Love: the only story, and with our archives. She sent us this testimonial:

I am immensely grateful for my placement hosted by Encore Theatre Company. Encore’s relationship with LSBU School of Health and Social Care provided a platform on which I was able to observe the interactions and applications of theatre in a university educational setting. In addition, I assistant directed on Encore’s December production at Theatre Peckham which was a fantastic opportunity to work with this driven and enthusiastic company. I was very kindly mentored by Viv Peyton and Yvonne Levy, they offered me great feedback which has helped me continue to develop my practice as an applied theatre practitioner.

Nikki: Nikki undertook a placement with us in the Autumn of 2020. She helped produce and direct Under Milk Wood, and helped us with the technology that underpins our performance projects and supports our general communication and administration.

It has been a delight to work with Encore and I am exceptionally thankful for the joyful time I had with them, especially in the uncertain times of 2020! I felt entirely welcome in the group and I was provided with many opportunities on helping with editing, directing, and producing Under Milk Wood and helping to sustain the team online with their technologies through the pandemic. It was lovely being able to get to know members and learn how best to support them remotely with some creative solutions. I had a lot of fun working online with this caring and talented bunch of actors! Their enthusiasm was infectious and shows in the costumes and time they gave to the characters, making the process uniquely enjoyable. They were incredibly patient, kind and encouraging, especially when I was figuring out Zoom workshops! I discovered so much from the experience, especially learning, and working with the ever understanding and reassuring Keiron, whose teaching and support has been incredibly invaluable. All of them were a beacon whilst I was studying online, so I am thankful to continue working with them, I look forward to their next production. It was very honestly an unforgettable placement and thank you to Encore for a wonderful time!

Charlotte: Charlotte undertook a placement with us in the Summer of 2020. She helped produce and direct A Christmas Carol, and helped us to record our feelings about lockdown in 2020.

Miranda: Miranda undertook a placement with us in the Autumn of 2021. She helped with our production of Dying to be a Walrus.

YuChi: in 2023 YuChi was our first student to be placed with us from Goldsmiths, University of London. She assisted in the production of Food for Thought.

Postgraduate Students

Ben: We first met Ben when we undertook a project ‘South Facing Patio‘ with him when he was an undergraduate student. Ben then came back and helped us with our first performances of Ruffled Feathers. He has also led a number of summer workshops for us. Ben gave us this testimonial:

Encore Theatre Company is an imaginative London-based cast and crew made up of talented individuals who look to explore a wide range of themes through the performance of original new work. With their vast portfolio of on-stage/digital theatre experiences, including projects with LSBU: The People’s Academy, the cast of Encore challenges the stereotypes of ageing head-on with innovative performance work. I was first introduced to the cast members of Encore in 2016 whilst training at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and have since been a follower and fan of their work. Returning to work with the company several times since, I am continuously impressed by the levels of passion and dedication that they have towards creating high-quality theatre. I will always be thankful for the time that I spent with the Encore Theatre Company, the experience I gained from the cast, and the work that we produced. I look forward to collaborating with Encore on future projects!

Javier: Javier joined us to direct our first performances of Ruffled Feathers.

Valentina: Valentina helped us with a number of projects as a director Ruffled Feathers at The Half Moon & Love: the only story at Peckham Theatre) while undertaking post-graduate studies at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, and sent us this testimonial:

In 2018 I started to work with the Encore Theatre Company as part of my placement during my studies in Applied Theatre at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. The company, which is composed of a number of very talented actors aged over 60, is based at London South Bank University. I have been a great supporter of the incredible work that they have done over the years with the People’s Academy, and I have directed two of their theatrical productions, and a theatrical workshop on Zoom, since 2018. The company is driven by a real motivation, a concrete necessity to share and give, and by incredible energy and dedication. I have never met such a unit and a solid collaborative group of elders. They have shown a powerful commitment and an extraordinary artistic capacity as well. It is clear that there is a tangible benefit that such activities have on their lives. For the Company, it is fundamental to keep going with a systematic rhythm of activities and meetings during the week. They represent a vulnerable part of society and the risk of isolation has become higher during the Covid-19 pandemic, which seems to have changed the habits of everyone. It is notable how fast and how well the Company has reacted to the pandemic. They are carrying on working online with an extraordinary will to experiment using a new way to interact. I wish all the best to them and I hope to work and collaborate with this lovely Company for a long time going forward.

Ben, Summer & Richard: Ben, Summer and Richard joined us on a placement in 2021 while undertaking post-graduate studies at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. They helped us with our non-linear experimental project At the stroke of a pen. A very complex project which required great team working and creativity.

Shunzi: Shunzi had a long placement with us in 2022/2023. She directed our radio play Alice in Wonderland.

Lauren: Lauren joined us in 2023 and assisted Lucy, our guest director, in bringing Food for Thought through to the final production.

Encore Theatre Company is an experience I will never forget. From the moment I started my placement with them, I knew I was in for something special. As a Masters student, ending my final terms with Encore Theatre Company was not only informative but also incredibly fun. The team at Encore provided me with invaluable insights and hands-on training, allowing me to apply what I had learned throughout my studies in a real-world setting. Gaining experience in stage managing, facilitating and co-directing. Their commitment to delivering exceptional performances and pushing the boundaries of creativity truly left a lasting impression on me. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience that blends education and entertainment seamlessly, look no further than Encore Theatre Company.

Jay: Jay joined us in 2024 working on 2 productions - Reunion! and More Food for Thought. She left us these thoughts:

No matter who we are, where we come from, or how old we are, there is always a way to play together through theatre. This is the beauty of theatre, and of course, the beauty of Encore.